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  • 100% Pure Henna

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    This henna is 100% pure and natural it can be used for all purpose related to henna like hair colour, hand colouring extra.


    • Henna is used to colour the hair naturally without ammonia, chemicals and toxins.
    • Applying henna pack twice a month makes hair glossy, healthy. It is an amazing conditioner that protects the hair strands by building a protective layer and locking nutrients and retains moisture.
    • Helps to protect from sun, dust and it makes your hair strong. It nourishes from roots for a silky and shiny hair.
    • From ancient times gold is used in Ayurveda for medicine & cosmetics.


    Gold particles are one of the best thing which gives glow and complexion for your skin. It also helps to replenish the skin young and rejuvenated.

    • It is best anti- ageing formula which will revitalize and rejuvenate skin cells.
    • Gold is one of the softest metals, so it is easily absorbed by the skin.
    • It helps lymphatic drainage and facilitates the removal of toxins and water.
    • It Stimulates blood circulation and improves skin elasticity.
    • Accelerates cell renewal and reversing oxidation.
    • It restores the physiological balance of the bringing youthful and radiant look.
    • It maintains P.H balance and rebuild weakened area and promotes healthy tissues.


  • Only herbz cleansing milk is a unique formula for cleansing facial skin from impurities.

    It keeps up the natural luster and softness of the facial skin.


  • Benefits:

    • Gives instant freshness.
    • Rejuvenate skin cells & moisturizes.
    • Brightness the skin.
    • Best natural skin friendly formula.
    • Best in skin nourishing, smoothing, brings out the beauty from inside and the only herb with B12 vitamin which is best for skin (Aloe vera).
    • Anti bacteria and anti fungal.
    • It removes all impurities from the skin.


  • Only herbz Daily Care Aloe vera Shampoo has a unique Ayurveda formulation for those who lead an active life, requiring frequent shampooing.

    100% Natural Shampoo made with:

    Aloe vera, Shikakai, Amla, Saponine.


    Enriched with natural Aloe vera juice, Shikakai, Amla.

    It gently cleanses and provides the necessary nourishment to hair and  keeps your hair smooth and healthy.

    The ingredients thoroughly cleanses hair making it healthy and natural.

  • 100% Natural Facial Cream made with:

    Badam, Vitamin- B3, Licorice, Coco Butter, Aloe vera & other herbs.


    • A rich combination of Badam, vitamin – B3, liquorice, cocoa butter, aloe vera base and other herbs will give the best nourishment and with skin rejuvenator.
    • Badam oil is one of the rich combinations for conditioning & will give the best massaging action without damaging the skin.
    • Aloe vera and turmeric is used from ancient times for enhancing natural glow, colour & bright dazzling skin.
    • Increases blood circulation in the skin.
  • Anti Biotic Cool Gel

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    100% Natural Gel made with:

    Aloe vera and turmeric extracts.


    • This gel is one of the best & 100% natural pure herbs based with 90% aloe vera
    • It can be used for many purposes like after waxing / threading, burns, cuts etc.
  • Benefits:

    • A unique formulation enriched with Neem, Tulasi & Aloevera to control acne and pimple.
    • It is an antibacterial product to remove bacteria and impurity from the deep skin and gives healthy lustrous facial skin.