Dandruff Oil

100 % Natural Oil made of :

Aloe vera Gel, Dandruff Oil, Hibiscus Extract, Aloe vera extract.

We Don’t wash dandruff and other good bacteria we treat dandruff and develop good bacteria.


  • Best anti-dandruff formula.
  • Treats the scalp and generates good bacteria.
  • Prevents hair fall due to dandruff in ten days.
  • Revitalizes the hair roots and scalp.
  • 100% herbal preparation with no chemicals or fillers.



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Usage : Take a little oil in your left hand & dip only your right hand finger tips into the oil & slightly massage all over the scalp equally with sufficient quantity of oil only with fingertips, then apply on the hair using two hands. To start off apply oil daily & wash it when ever you want ( minimum 45 min ) continue this process for minimum 3 days then immediately wash all possible things like pillow covers, bed spread, sofa/ car head rest, helmet, comb etc., which ever may have dandruff dusts which was fallen before because these dust will contain dandruff bacteria, once these fall back on your hair it will multiple and spread very fast on your scalp. After washing the possible areas continue using for 3 more days ( total 6 days ), you can find that the dandruff is completely cleared.

Then oil weekly 2 to 3 times for 1 month to recover the damage in the roots and hair. Once recovered it must be maintained with 100 % natural soap, free shampoos, Shikakai powder and our hair fall and hair growth oil atleast 3 times a week because our hairs and scalp is very sensitive to bad chemicals/ pollution in water / hair infections etc. This might lead to other problem like hair fall, dandruff, white hairs etc.

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