Lice killer

100% Natural powder made with:

Garlic, Vetiver, Neem leaves, Tulasi & Methi.


  • A Lice killer made with natural and simple homemade ingredients like garlic, neem leaves, tulasi, methi, vetiver.
  • 100% natural skin & hair friendly without any side effects.

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Usage: First divide the quantity of powder into three and take one part of the powder and make a slight thick paste with water and apply all over the scalp first then on the full hair with out any gap then tie a cotton cloth all over the head and take bath after 45min with a mild shampoo( only herbz shikakai black shampoo) after the bath comb the hair and remove all the dead lies, do the same process of continuous three days.

Note: Can be used for any age, children and adult after treating your scalp do not get your hair in contact with people who have lies because it can come back to your scalp.

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