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  • Your skin is made of live cells then why chemicals give natures lively gifts.


    • Rich & unique combinations for nourishing, tightening the skin and pores with skin rejuvenator.
    • Natural processed butter which gives the best massaging action without damaging the skin.
    • Turmeric is used from ancient times for enhanced natural glow, colour, & bright dazzling skin.
    • The exfoliating beads of walnut shells and apricot molecules in the cream base gives best scrubbing action.
    • Orange gives a natural bleaching effect with good fairness & glow within the skin.
    • Removes all dead cells, blackheads and cleans clogged pores, the herbal infusions helps in replenishing & moisturizing your skin leaving soft, smooth, polished, bright & hydrated.
    • Removes tan & other impurities debris from deep skin & making skin silky, smooth and tight.
    • The herbal ingredient removes blemish & pigmentation giving your face a bright, radiant & dazzling look.
    • Increases blood circulation in the skin which retains good PH & texture perfectly.
    • Helps to remove tan and unwanted oil in the skin.
  • 100% Natural Gel made with:

    Only Pure Orange & Aloe Vera.


    • This product is the purest form made with only aloe vera & orange which contains no added colour or chemicals.
    • It is one of the best ways to treat your skin for natural glow, colour, vitalizing.
    • Rejuvenates cells & protects from pollution.